965 Review 4 of 9?

Yesterday I smoked Dunhill My Mixture 965 (D965), Sutliffe Dunhill 965 Match (S965), and Comoy’s Cask 11 (Cc11). 6 total bowls in Clay and Meerschaum. Quick recap, If you can find (D965) under $9 U.S. buy as much as you can get. If you want similar but are OK with a slightly different taste, (Cc11) is for you. If you want the same flavor but are OK with quality issues and a delay for the flavor to build, (S965) is for you. They all are going to rate another purchase, but I personally think the (Cc11) was clearly my Clay and Meerschaum champion in the head to heads.

Welcome to round number 2. Today’s order of smoking is (Cc11) (D965) (S965) and all from a cob. My test cob is the Missouri Meerschaum Bent General. It is a giant bowl compared to my Clay and my Meerschaum. Very important to find out if the size of the bowl changes the [pick a variable] too many to list. Also Cobs are great pipes and quite possibly the most common type of pipe.

I’m skipping the bag and nose test, if you want that, read part 1, 2, and 3. The Comoy’s Cask 11 is not advertised as a (D965) replacement. I just always thought it was close so I put it in this test. In fact it is a lot closer than I thought but with some subtle flavor difference. If you can’t tell a difference don’t be surprised if you can, well, I warned you.

3 minutes of drying in Houston is plenty. Adjust time for less humidity. Maybe skip the drying, you know your area.

Bright sun, perfect weather, and a freshly lit pipe. At this point we can make fun of my craptastic beard or get back to smoking.

The Cob does not slow down the (Cc11) aggressive nature. It is full flavored before your pipe is lit. However, it has brought out a certain sweetness. The smoke, though not pictured is white and plentiful. There is a definite peppery feel with this pipe not the flavor just the warmth of feeling on the tongue. It might be a mild case of tongue bite but, I don’t recall the level of warmth from yesterday.

I find most true English blends have an almost menthol feel. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in so long, people who weren’t born back then can drink legally in all 50 states, but I still remember that feeling of menthol. Hard to describe other than similar but different. This blend has it and not in a shy way.

The strength of (Cc11) tobacco is medium full with a lean at the full side. While I didn’t notice it yesterday, the General holds more than both my Clay and my Meerschaum combined. If you are into stronger blends, it won’t disappoint.

Well past halfway through and the flavor is not changing. For my cigar readers, I’m not sure there is a cigar that is close.

Shock of the day, 45 minutes in and the pipe is done. So it definitely burns faster than I prefer, but not hot as I would expect from a twice as fast burn. I’m sticking with the binary 1 and a highly recommend. Comoy’s Cask 11 is a blend to put into your normal English rotation.


965 part 3 of 9?

Comoys Cask 11.

Open the bag. Take a big sniff. Ok, that’s what I’m talking about. There is that medicinal scent but I think just a touch more Latakia.

The look of the cut is much better than the Sutliffe. In fact except for the color the Dunhill and the Comoy could have come from the same bag.

Packing, slight difference, the Comoy is longer than the Dunhill. Not a major difference but enough to notice.

The Light, Sutliffe and Dunhill both are easier to light. I can fix that by drying the Comoy just a bit longer. It felt dryer than it was so no big deal.

Puff puff OMG 2 puffs in and the flavor is full blast. It might be stronger than the Dunhill, it blows the Sutliffe out of the water. There is no waiting for the flavor to build, it jumps right from the leaf, down the stem, and dances on your tongue like a proper English should.

The smoke is so far 3rd in thickness. It is still thick enough to be satisfying, but not thick enough to hide behind.

Having already smoked 4 small bowls today I can definitely say the Comoys Cask 11 has the most flavor. Because of my preference for strong pipes and cigars, I think I like the Comoys best in flavor. I still have plenty left in the bowl and while I can tell the difference between the Dunhill and the Comoys, it is not so large of a gap that I could say which is better.

Working the clay first, I finally tamped the first time at about halfway. I believe the Comoys is burning hotter than the other 2 blends, so if you like to hold your pipe you might want to stay away from cask 11. I will gladly burn my fingers to get more of this.

The ash from Comoys closely resembles the Dunhill. Light and powdery.

Price per oz Sutliffe wins. Flavor per puff Comoys is far superior. Right now I can say that on the binary scale this is a very big 1 with a slight warning that it tastes slightly different.

I personally can live with a can of Comoys Cask 11 instead of a tin of Dunhill MM 965. Is it an exact match? NO. Comoys never advertised it as a match, however it is a great blend and close enough to put your taste buds on notice.

OK, the Meerschaum and clay are in the can. Now I need a break. I would love to hear from anyone that has tried all 3 even if your opinion is different from mine.

Tomorrow we go with the Cob. All 3 blends again. I hope the results are different because different pipes could bring out the other sides of a blend and I’m not giving a review that is not at least 3 pipes deep.

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

965 part 2 of 9?

The original. Dunhill My Mixture 965, and only made and available according to my sources in Europe under a different name.

What can I say. It is the iconic English blend.

The smell is distinct and for those in the know, distinguished. I find it has a medicinal smell and if you know what your sniffing, a warm Latakia note.

It is definitely not for everyone, but for the fans, it is in a class all by itself.

This is not going to have pictures because it took hours to upload my last post and it only had 5 photos.

It is dryer than the Sutliffe blend and definitely not as coarsely cut. I will give credit to the Sutliffe blend as to the smell and flavor. They are as close to an exact match as I have found. I even went as far as to pick up a very inexpensive clay brand new $3.50 U.S. just so I could switch the order and taste them both in a fresh pipe.

I had to make sure I was not going crazy. I just could not taste a difference. The Dunhill 965 was less harsh but again that could be because of cellaring. I know that ageing a cigar can change the flavor and mellow it out so I can easily see how the same could be true for pipe tobaccos.

The smoke quality was similar but I think the Sutliffe might have been thicker. It was really to close to tell much difference between the two but that is how it felt to me.

The ash was the biggest difference. Dunhill ash was powdery and light both in color and texture. The Sutliffe ash was darker and held together very firmly. Having had 2 bowls of each and getting the same result in the ash I have to believe that the cut or the exact Black Cavendish process has something to do with the difference. The only question is; Did I mind that different ash? Not so much that it bothers me.

How does it rate? Definitely a 1 in the binary but the warning here is the price. I can get a pound of the Sutliffe for about $5 U.S. more than I paid out to get 2 oz of the Dunhill.

Was the Dunhill 8x as good as the Sutliffe? Not in any category of my review ability. I would give it a 3x as good on the ash but be honest with yourself, unless it is a cigar, who really cares about the ash?

I still prefer the Dunhill over the Sutliffe but not enough to say that the Sutliffe is a failure. As stated previous I had a very hard time tasting the difference. The most notable flavor profile difference was the amount of flavor at the start or upon lighting. The Sutliffe builds up as the pipe warms up. The result was consistent with the new clay pipe. The Dunhill was more flavor right from the start but did not build up at all. And that result was also consistent with the clay.

If you happen to come across Dunhill My Mixture 965 for less than $9 U.S. I suggest you mortgage the house and buy as much as you can. If however you are not wealthy the Sutliffe “Dunhill 965 Match” would be a closely acceptable alternative.

So now on to the Comoys Cask 11 and finding out if my memories are as accurate as I think they are. Yes I will be using the Meerschaum and the clay.

Long Lives, Tiny “you got to see this clay pipe” Bowls, and Long Ashes.

The 965 part 1 of 9?

OK, Ambitious? Crazy? Stupid? All of the above? I just don’t care. What I want is a reasonably priced replacement for the Dunhill My Mixture 965. In my opinion it is one of the most iconic blends and the fact that Dunhill has quit production of it is killing me. Or maybe it is the black market prices for what is left. Either way, this week is about finding that replacement. My memories of Comoys cask 11 was that it was similar but how close? This week will tell me. Sutliffe has a Dunhill 965 Match. Is it even close? We are about to find out. For testing I bought 2 oz from a source I trust but it was cellared so I’m not including pictures of it. I even took it out of the jar and put it in a cigar bag because it is easier for me to work with. Random draw has me smoking the Sutliffe first so here we go.

As seen, it appears to be very corse cut compared to the original, but the smell is very close. I would go as far as to say identical. It even has that slightly medicinal scent and a slight aroma of Latakia.

So far so good. I am using a Meerschaum today on #MeerschaumMonday but it is one of my favorite review pipes.

Several puffs in, and I’m wondering if the Sutliffe blend has enough flavor. I remember Dunhill had the ability to hit your taste buds right from the start, but it has been a while and I might have gotten used to stronger blends since my last pinch of 965.

As the pipe heats up the flavor is building. A little smokey and a touch of sweet. Also the smoke that was thin at first is building nicely.

The (S965) is close to what I’ve remembered but I would say the (D965) is just a bit more polished or refined. I wish I had a fresh tin of it because the cellaring might have smoothed out the touch of harsh. Don’t get me wrong, the (S965) is smokeable but the variables I’m finding could be because of memory or cellaring.

Half bowl smoked and first required tamping. That is a good sign, I remember barely tamping the original. I find I am reaching for the water a bit more than I recall from the original 965, but that could just be the condition of today.

Flavors are right, between a Balkan and an English, and stays steady right to the end. The burn is fast but relatively cool. Ash appears to be a bit more pepper than salt in the bowl. I had to crush the dottle to get this picture. I never had to do more than a simple tap or two to get the ash out with the (D965).

On the binary I give it a 1 for flavor and a warning, it’s close, but I might have been hoping for much more.

To be fair, I really need to smoke a bowl of the Dunhill and it is going to take a few minutes to clean (not deep clean) and clear my pallette so I’m not ghost hunting against a memory.

On it’s own I found the Sutliffe enjoyable and easy to light and smoke. Remember, this series of reviews is all about comparison and in no way is it going to be fair to any blend unless it is a dead perfect match.

If you are a fan of English blends I would say this is an acceptable blend and has many similar qualities of the Dunhill My Mixture 965. It will take until Wednesday for the full review to be completed and the Cob and Briar could change my opinion. Please be sure to read the entire series.

For now,

Long Lives, small meerschaum bowls, and Long Ashes.

Schedule 11/18/18

First before I get going on what my week is going to be, congratulations are in order. Karl Holt had his GAW yeaterday, WarfeValleyBoy aka Tim won. While I was not able to attend live, I watched the whole thing.

OK, let’s do this.

Monday – Meerschaum Monday the start of a 3 day review. I am going to side by side by side 3 blends that are similar to one of the blends. Dunhill My Mixture 965 vs. Sutliffe “Dunhill” 965 match vs. Comoys Cask 11. My first shot at A comparison review and there will be a lot to post. Watch for 3 posts minimum could be as many as 5.

Tuesday – Cob Tuesday the Dunhill 965 part 2. At least 3 more Posts and nearly 6 hours worth of smoke boiled down to at most 15 minutes.

Wednesday – The Ugly Briar. The final day of only smoking these 3 blends. The 965 has found its reasonable price replacement or it’s pretenders. In fairness Comoys reminded me of the “DHMM965” so I am using it but if you are really looking for a replacement, Monday -Wednesday is your chance to let me do the heavy lifting.

Thursday – Thirsty Thursday’s. What beverages pared well this week and which ones did not make the cut. This is likely to be at least a 2 part review. In trying to keep it in the 3 minutes reading time, and separate reviews of 3 different blends, I will be lucky if my ambitious schedule does not kill me. Also it will be Thanksgiving so watch for a special Shout Out.

Friday – Black Friday. I plan to explore my online store where I get most of my pipe tobacco. I buy local when I see it, but for price, I just have it shipped. Luckily for me they almost always have what I want.

Saturday – with GAW’s and/or Raffles and hopefully tons of visitors and maybe a follow or 2, regular Shout Outs are in order.

Sunday – you guessed it, that same old schedule. To be fair, I do take it easy on Sunday. I hope it doesn’t offend anybody that I want one or 2 easy days a week, but in my defense, I was scared of this when I started. I hear from some people that this is easy. For me, I just wish it was easy. Fun, that I will agree with. Just over a month in and it is less scary and getting to be fun.

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Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Shout Outs.

One month in and still trying to learn the system and improve this blog. I have to say thank you for reading. Because I have not been hearing from anybody, not a Howdy, You Suck, or even a suggestion for what you want reviewed, I will continue on as planned.

Monthly Shout Outs are a little larger. So instead of words I’m going with some screen shots for some of it.

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Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Last second GAW

Briar Blues Giveaway

November 23 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm PST

Mike from Briar Blues is giving away some more great stuff. To enter you have to be a subscriber and put in the comments section of his video what you think his normal preference of tobaccos is (don’t need the exact blend). Hint, he has mentioned it in past videos.

The three prizes he will be giving away are;

  1. A handmade French Tamper. I’m not even going to pretend I know how to spell any of it. Watch the video.
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  3. Same pen as above, Piper Thin line, but in burl.

Cutoff to enter is 11/23 12:00 pm PST.

The drawing will be on the 23th, live at 5:00 pm PST. Those live draws are always fun. Hope to see you there.


This GAW was added after I had already posted the first Friday Free Stuff post of the day. Again, if I can find it I will post it.

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