Sutliffe Creme Brulee Review

First word, STICKY.

The Sutliffe Creme Brulee is a ribbon cut aromatic. Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish make up this blend and supposedly flavors of Vanilla, Caramel, and Honey. Oh, and just in case you forgot STICKY.

Ok, now that the biggest problem has been identified let’s smoke. Today we will go largest to smallest so the cob is up first. Obviously the blend is moist so make sure to dry it well. I suggest drying in an open cigar tube. Place however much you are going to smoke in the tube overnight and wake up to a wonderful aroma in the morning. Ok, drying times very, in Houston, this statement is true.

Creme Brulee, is thin on the smoke unless you dry it. If however you prefer to have a gurgling/sizzling pipe, load it fresh. It smokes very slow and cool with zero tongue bite. Flavor? It is mostly Vanilla. There are a few indistinguishable flavors in the background. Normally I can pick something out and really dial in on it, but the Vanilla is just strong enough to overcome my ability. Most Vanilla aromatic blends are mind numbingly vanilla. This blend is more of a just enough to make sure you know it’s there. As for a room note, just more vanilla. Truth be told, the bag note is stronger than the room note.

The ash as you can see is light in color and texture. While this is from a gigantic bowl, there is far less ash than I would have expected.

Next, the Ugly Briar. I would like to note that the strength is light even though the flavor is satisfying. I’m already wanting more and the Cob is not even cold yet.

As to be expected Creme Brulee is a little less sweet in a briar compared to a cob. I’m also noticing a little more gurgling and sizzling. It does not in any way take away from the enjoyment of smoking this blend. I am already convinced that this blend is an all day smoke. The only actual issue is the pre-planning needed to dry out the tobacco adequately. A very slight issue if it can even be termed an issue is the lack of strength. Finding myself wanting to smoke more even before the bowl is cold is a slight disappointment. I am already looking forward to the Clay.

I will admit, I was a little worried about the sticky nature. Clay pipes and sticky tobacco can become an issue quickly. Just watch the crumbs and pack lightly until just before lighting and you should be fine.

I find myself really enjoying the blend. The clay however is bringing more of the vanilla to the front. While it was pleasant in the cob and briar, it is just a little bit stronger than I would prefer in clay. It is not as strong a vanilla as say French Vanilla but the clay brings it near to that level. On to the Meerschaum.

By this point I already knew what to expect. A creamy, smooth, rich flavor that will remind you of dessert. To be honest, the only better Creme Brulee I have ever had is from the Centennial Speakeasy Club in McAllen Texas.

If you are a fan of Vanilla aromatic blends, this should definitely be in your cellar.

Some suggestions, get a large to huge bowl pipe. Buy this blend in bulk. One of the strongest points in its favor is the ability to make what I call pipe lasagna. Use small pinches of Creme Brule and some other pipe tobacco, try to tamp flat each layer. The stickiness of Creme Brulee will help with this technique. Each layer will get you a short burst of flavor and then change to the next flavor. I suggest King Cake and not using a vanilla blend for this. Surprisingly for how sticky this blend is, it does not tar up a pipe and makes for an easily tapped out ash.

In the Binary, this is a 1. From the excellent smoke to the superb flavor there is just about nothing to complain about. Sure it is sticky, but almost all vanilla blends are so it was expected.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes


Thirsty Thursday

This week C&D King Cake is the blend of the week. I purposely did not give a room note. It smells like fresh baked cake. While it is not an all day smoke in my opinion, (remember it is just one person’s opinion), it was still a very good blend. So let’s raise a glass to the drinks that can help really highlight this pipe tobacco.

I always try the big 3, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rum. Bourbon and Rum are awesome with this blend. I would suggest Knob Creek for Bourbon but dot miss out on the honey infused it really rounds out the slight vanilla flavors of King Cake. Southern Comfort will also pair well. Straight or on the rocks, both are nice. As for Rum, if you never tried a Rum Cake here is your chance. Regular rum or spiced are both good for this smoke.

Scotch is a little bit tricky. The peaty blends are out but if you happen upon a port cask blend with mild amounts of peat you should be pleased with the pairing. It can bring out the fruity flavors of the Perique.

Beer is also a little tricky. The Chocolate or Coffee infused beers can be used with great success but a hoppy beer is not going to work at all. Youngs Double Chocolate Stout or 8th Wonder Rocket Fuel would be my suggestions.

Wine, was quite nice. Shiraz was good with King Cake. So was the Chardonnay I tried. Lucky for me I have a good friend with an extensive wine cellar. He helps me pair wines with just about everything.

Fruit flavored Vodka or mixed drinks with fruit will pull out the flavors of King Cake. A Screwdriver or a Harvey Walbanger would be my choice. Both can be paired with cake nicely. Also consider a Mimosa. For the true Mardi Gras experience go all out with a Hurricane.

Coffee flavored drinks are going to be absolutely wonderful. Alcoholic or Non-alcoholic, both fit in very well with the flavors. I would like to suggest a dash of cinnamon. Think Coffee Cake and you should know about what you will be tasting.

Tea on the other hand did not pair well. Maybe sweetened in the English style with a little cream but if you are a straight tea drinker like I am you will be less than impressed.

Very few sodas are going to do much for this blend. If you are a soda fanatic I would suggest a cream soda or fruit flavored. Stay off of the cola/brown sodas but again this is just my opinion.

Fruit juice is going to be very well received. Surprisingly Cranberry was the best of the juices I tried. The tartness pairs well without covering up the tobacco flavors.

Water is my review drink. I think water is by far the worst pairing for this blend. Mardi Gras is supposed to be a Party of epic proportions and water is just not going to cut it.

One special trick I tried, layer a Vanilla flavored pipe blend with King Cake in the bowl of your pipe like a pipe tobacco lasagna. I used a blend I will feature next week. The constant change in flavors makes for a very nice change.

You should now be ready for a few parades and 20 pounds of beads.

Drink Responsibly,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Web Hit Wednesday

(Technically a Shout Out)

I really wanted to share the O’Reilly Auto Parts Web address and have everyone search for part 121G and you can if you want to but to keep it centered on Tobacco we will instead go to With their constant work to fight for Tobacco Rights, that’s your rights to smoke, I really would like to push the information about their new Web site.

The opening page is full color and very nicely laid out. The below is copied directly from the front page.

America’s Oldest Family

Owned Cigar Manufacturer

Founded in 1895 by Julius Caeser Newman, J.C. Newman Cigar Company is the oldest family-owned premium cigar maker in America. For four generations and 123 years, J.C. Newman has been handcrafting many of the world’s finest cigars. J.C. Newman is headquartered in an iconic 108-year-old cigar factory in the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District in Tampa, Florida. At this factory, known as “El Reloj,” J.C. Newman rolls premium cigars both by hand and by hand-operated, antique cigar machines.

The J.C. Newman PENSA cigar factory is the second largest in Nicaragua and is where Brick House, Perla del Mar, El Baton, and Quorum cigars are hand rolled. J.C. Newman’s Diamond Crown, MAXIMUS, Julius Caeser, and Black Diamond cigars are handmade by Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic. With its longtime partners the Arturo Fuente family, the Newmans founded the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, which supports low-income families in the Dominican Republic with education, health care, vocational training, and clean water.

Now I want to know what an antique hand operated cigar machine is and how it works and where I can get one, but the more interesting is the Arturo Fuente tie in. Maybe I need to take some time to explore those brands.

The most interesting thing at least for me is the money being spent to help out countries not named The United States of America. J.C. Newman is not being forced to make things better, they are doing it because they want to. In this world of greed that is mostly controlling everything, it is refreshing to find some doing the right thing.

So let’s look at some of those brands of cigars.

On the site if you click on any of their cigar bands it takes you to a more detailed page about each brand. I’m not going to spoil the full reveal, but click on each one like I did and enjoy a good read. I really enjoyed The American. They name names and do so proudly. They took the time to make a great video. It is on their front page but the link above is the video. The 6 minutes and 48 seconds are easy to watch and in my opinion very well produced.

One little let down for me is the tease about the E-books. I can’t seem to find the link. I have long said that smoking is a social thing, but if alone grab a book or E-reader/kindle app, a glass and a smoke. Supposedly there are links to 2 books. I would love to read both, I will just keep looking.

OK, all that aside, take the time and visit the site. They take the time to fight for you and your rights, show them some love. While you are there, sign up for the news letter. Its down at the very bottom. Quite often they will need smokers to sign up on petition forms so they can fight for you and me. Or you can blow it off and be like certain places in California, breaking the law by smoking a pipe or cigar in your own backyard? Let it sink in and sign up.

Thank You J.C. Newman, I know you did not give me permission to feature your work, but I hope you can see this as what it is. Good information and Free advertising.

For the readers of Voodoo Review not inside the United States, if you would like something that is from your country featured, leave a comment below. The more information you can share the more I will want to share it with everyone. I’m still thinking what I want to feature as a tribute to The United Kingdom for having more Voodoo views than the U.S.A. on January 2nd.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Tuesday’s Talk

Normally on the day after a review I dig into the back story of the blend or the blender. Having already done that for C&D, I’d like to discuss clay pipes.

I have only owned a cheap clay for about 2 months. I’m far from the expert, but I have been learning. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a Clay pipe. Below is the things I have learned and hopefully I will get some tips and tricks from people with more experience with clays. If you have those tips, leave them in the comments, this is more fore those people who are just getting into pipes or are considering a Clay for the first time.

The Good

Clay pipes are neutral. They don’t add or take away from the tobacco blend. What you taste is what the blender intended. Technically a Meerschaum is a clay pipe the only difference is price. One nice Meerschaum is about the same price as 3 clays if not more than 3. Meerschaum is the fine china of clays. A clay pipe is more the Corning Ware. The every day compared to the special occasion dinner plate. Either way both are clays.

Clay pipes do not need to be seasoned. They will smoke great on the very first smoke. No half bowls needed, just pack the bowl and light it up. It should smoke great unless it was fouled up in the process of making it.

Clay pipes can be washed. While a Briar or a Cob can be “Ghosted” because you can wash a Clay pipe it can take those blends and with a soak in some hot soapy water you can eliminate that issue. So bring on the blends that would ruin a great briar for anything else. Just remember to rinse it, dry it out, and use a pipe cleaner to get the water out of the stem.

Clay pipes can handle the heat. Weather it is heat from being left in the car or just a particular blend that smokes really hot, the kiln was hotter so it won’t matter. Take more care with a Meerschaum please but a Clay pipe is able to take the abuse.

Clay pipes are forgiving. Keep some pipe cleaners around and swab the tar out between smokes and you only have to let it cool down long enough to pack it and light it again. They are like a cob in that respect. Rest a Briar for a few days after smoking. No problem for a clay. If clean it is ready to go when you are.

Clay pipes will never burn out. Unless it was made wrong or broken by misuse, you will never find a hole in the bowl.

The Bad

Clay pipes are breakable. Tapping out the dottle is best with a cork knocker even on plastic ashtrays. One crack in the bowl and throw it out. It’s done.

Clay pipes are harder to clean. You can’t break it apart to make cleaning easier. Washing it works and a good overnight soak in hot soapy water will help. Most Czech tools do not have the length to go from bit to bowl. I suggest finding an electrician and looking through their scrap copper for a solid copper wire that can ream the stem.

Clay pipes are less forgiving in packing. Recently I found that the smaller tobacco crumbs can plug the draw just as effectively as not cleaning the pipe ever. You will sooner or later be in this situation with almost all pipes, but clay pipes have the tendency to plug quick.

Clay pipes get HOT. You won’t be holding the bowl in your hand unless you have special gloves or asbestos skin. In fact, sometimes you will hold one by the stem right by the bit. Remember that plate in the Microwave gets hot, clay pipes are pretty much the same.

Clay pipes will turn color with use. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just the oils on your skin being burned into the clay. It will never be as pretty as the day you bought it new. The change is natural and for clay smokers more of a badge of honor. Just keep in mind, the more you touch it the more the color will change with each smoke.

Clay pipes are very unforgiving on your teeth. If you like to bite the stem, you might not like the dental bills.

That’s all I have so far. I would highly recommend a Clay to every pipe smoker.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

C&D King Cake Review

Empirical Information. Applicable to the 2oz. tin: 1 inch thick – z axis, 2 inch- x axis x 1.5 inch- y axis. It comes wrapped in an interesting lotus like card paper making extraction from the tin possible without total destruction of the cake. The plastic lid is reasonably air tight. It has a plum fragrance, subtle I like to call it the tin note or bag note. Similar to a room note but unlit. The tin is easy to open.

The facts are, I opened the tin yesterday so I could get at least one bowl in during Epiphany.

(the important words I reprint for translation reasons)

In the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition, no confection is quite as synonymous with the season as the colorful King Cake. Beginning on Epiphany, January 6, the streets explode with parties and festivals bringing together family and friends in the spirit of Mardi Gras. With that very same intent we created this Cellar Series blend to honor the New Orleans staple. Experience Mardi Gras like never before with King Cake. Estimated peak. 10-15 years.

(Side note: Why do I not see the FDA warning signs for Nicotine on Eggplant? I’m just curious.)

Marie Antoinette might have had a better life had she said,” Let them smoke cake.” Ok, on to the rest of the review. Order of the day Cob, Meerschaum, Clay, and The Ugly Briar.

It is a little disturbing how much of the cake had to be destroyed to fill this pipe.

First puffs there is a hint of those plums again. It has to be the Perique. The blend is Black Cavendish, Orientals, Virginias, and Perique. If you are going to even try to reference New Orleans in a pipe tobacco there has to be Perique in the blend.

This blend is very similar in construction to coffee from Café Du Monde. Think of the Virginia and Oriental as the French Roast coffee, the Black Cavendish as the Powder Sugar on the Beignets, and the Perique as the Chicory. While there is no coffee flavors in this Tobacco blend, it is the only thing I could compare it to. Texture is a super fine ribbon cut that has been pressed into a cake.

Strength of flavor is above medium. Enough above that I’m not sure if this Giant bowl was a good idea. I can handle it, but I would hate to burned out on it before the review is complete.

The smoke is very thick and very white. Thick enough that I’m moving my head around to get out of the cloud. Even little sips are filling my area with great clouds of smoke. I will also note that it is stronger than advertised. I recommend a good sized drink.

On to the Meerschaum.

Same flavors. Same smoke. A tiny bit of pepper similar to what you are finding in most English Blends. The ash is almost a pure gray.

I can now say with some certainty that I want less than a giant bowl, but I want more than the tasters bowl. My next 2 pipes should dial that in for the optimal size pipe.

Bring on the Clay. Slight issue. I immediately packed a crumb into the exact worst spot in the bowl. Had to dig out the whole bowl and start over.

As you can see it’s not too big of a problem. Also a good example of the smoke. I swear there is a Clay pipe in that picture. The smoke is hotter but other than that no change in the overall smoking experience. The medium bowl still left me wanting more.

Finally, on to the Ugly Briar. With the longer shank because of my modifications I suddenly need a Churchwarden style pipe. Normally the briar brings out peppers, this time it tones them down. I would love to know exactly why in this case.

Room note is nice but not very strong. Flavor is consistent with all smoking media. The smoke is thick but dry. It is not an English blend though it feels like it is in the family.

On the binary it is a 1 but unless this blend grows on me it will only be an occasional purchase. Don’t get me wrong, it is a tasty blend but I would recommend something else first. Recommended smoking in a medium to large bowl preferably a briar.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Shout Outs.

I somehow made it through another week and as I expected, things have really slowed down at Voodoo Review. There have been some really interesting things happen also.

I have found that Phil of Briar Report, and are getting me more hits than even I can these 2 sites along with should be saved to your favorites. They help to keep the Voodoo Review knowledgeable about the world of Tobacco. Thanks Guys the help is appreciated.

Ok, someone wants me to do a feature on The United Kingdom. On January 2nd I for the first time in history had more visitors from a single country not named The United States of America. Good job U.K. way to show up those bloody colonials. This week I also had views from Canada and Ukraine. Now if I can just get a few readers to drop a comment on any post, even if it is to tell me how awful this blog is, keep it clean and I will repost it in the Shout Outs. Your opinion counts, let me know what it is.

Finally a shout out to the #YTPC YouTube Pipe Community. I am following you one at a time but I have almost 3 years of material to watch and as an independent review blog I have to not watch your reviews so that my opinions are not persuaded by other equally valid opinions. I am a lurker right now because I have the face for radio. Also my mind tends to run extremely abstract. My reviews start off like a mashed up mess of thought and some how I try to turn it into a Van Gogh. I still fall very far from the mark, and am totally in awe of you who are brave enough to put it out there in video for all to see.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Free Stuff Friday

Before I get going on the free stuff you could be trying to get, let me say Thanks to RnA Treasures for my Friday Pipe. Also it is Angelo’s Birthday month and they are running specials until the end of the month. I hear one of those specials is Italian Briar pipes for $25 with free shipping. So I guess this qualified for the Free Stuff post afterall.

and just look at that pipe, it is also one of the Italian Briars so yeah, I know what they have will smoke as well if not better than just about every pipe I’ve ever heard of.

OK, back to the real reason you are reading this blog today.

January 10 will be Corvette Jim’s Birthday Giveaway. 2 ways to win and 2 prizes. Make a VR saying why you watch Jim’s YouTube channel. Miss Cindy will pick her favorite of all the videos. Leave a comment on the video in the link, same question. Jim will pick his favorite comment. You better be a subscriber or you can’t win.

Happy Birthday Jim!

January 12 Law N’ Smoke is having a 2000 Subscriber Giveaway. If you want in, Subscribe, and comment, “I’m in.” in the video in the link above. If you want to be entered 2 more times make a VR about someone who’s kindness changed your life. I’m going to be going for the 3 total entries personally because knowing the Professor that pipe smokes every bit as good as it looks.

Congratulations Curt, can’t wait to see the 3000 GAW.

January 14 Pipes, ect. Is having a 300 subscribers and 1 year Anniversary Giveaway.

Answer the following questions.

• What worries you the most about the future?

• What type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

• What are the top three adventures remaining on your bucket list?

If you answer the questions in the comments section of the contest video you will receive one (1) entry.

If you submit a video response you will receive three (3) entries. Please leave a link to the video in the comments.

There is a special way to earn either one or two entries and that is by the judges giving your submission special “style points”. It is a way for people to really go all out and think of some way to make your entry stand out from the crowd. See the giveaway video for a better description of how you can earn extra entries.

Congratulations Pipes, ect.

January 19, London calling with Simon is having a 3000 subscriber and 3 year Anniversary Giveaway. if you haven’t already subscribed you are missing out. OK, slight issue. He is in England and you might be on the hook for the price of shipping and import/bribes to get your prize and according to what I read, there is a Savinelli and some impossible to get Dunhill tobaccos in the prize vault.

Congratulations Simon love getting in on your live chats.

Ok, not a Free thing but a gathering.

The St.Pete Pipe Club Meet Up is also on the 19th so if you are in Florida on the 19th you might want to attend. Already mentioned them, but RnA Treasures will be there. $10 raffle for a pipe and a T-shirt. Randy and Angelo are some great guys and this is an awesome chance to meet them face to face. You can get in touch with them in this link. The event starts at 3pm EST and if I was able to be there you can be assured I would be attending.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.