Alec Bradley Lost Art

Is that Lost Art or is it Work of Art? In truth, it is the Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art. First introduced a couple of years ago the Lost Art is based upon the Prensado which was both blessing and curse to the Alec Bradley name. Rating in at #1 in some Magazine it went from decent sales to 3min from getting a box till out of stock. And Yes, I do think the original was worth going to the cigar shop every day in the hope that you got lucky.

So what about the Lost Art? 2 words. Even Better.

Let’s start with what I know from smoking boxes of Lost Art. The Wrapper is thick enough that it is not delicate, but thin enough that it burns easily. The Box Press is firm and not squishy with nicely rounded corners that fit the mouth well. Construction is superb with a level of care that can rival any Cuban. All that and follow it up with more flavor and a cheaper price than the original.

Now before you tune out for me being a fanboy account, let’s look at everything so far and if you do some research it is all 100% true. Even the part about me being a fan. Voodoo Review calls it like it is. If I’m reviewing a blend or a cigar it is because I really like it. And because I refuse to bash on something that I don’t like but the effort is there, I just won’t review it.

The Breakdown.

Medium strength edging in on full just barely. A natural Tobacco sweetness with leather, earthiness, and a hint of spice. A Baby Powder texture in hand and mouth. Hour to hour and a half burn at a normal pace. And the only thing I can find missing is a copious amount of smoke. In fact I took 3 pictures a couldn’t find the smoke.(You will see smoke but it dissipates quickly)

On to the Binary, 1 absolutely. If you need the huge cloud of smoke, you might try the Black Market, but definitely don’t pass on this stick just for that issue.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

My Smoking Session

CAO and specifically Rick Rodriguez made a cigar and with it goes the suggestion,”Sit•Smoke•Chill”. They called it Session.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf,

Binder: Dominican Vega Especial

Filler: Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan Esteli

It is ment to be the any “Time, Place, Where” cigar of a medium body and full flavor. Just reading the above, I’m likely to agree. Not to be outdone, just look at the cigar.

Ok, stop drooling and let’s take the suggestion for a spin.

Just incase anyone is wondering, I wore a black shirt on purpose just to show off how exquisite the wrapper is. I also didn’t eat beforehand to put the anytime to the test.

First thing I will tell you is if you are proud of your product, you put your name on it. Second, that is not a color adjustment, that is really the stark white ash. I’m going to need a few more of this stick for an Epic Ash Review.

I’m getting a tiny trace of pepper and I must say I was expecting quite a bit more. A bitter similar to one of my favorites An Old Fashioned. With touches of cocoa (NOT CHOCOLATE) and something like a cashew but not defined enough to say for certain.

Smoke is thick and abundant but dissipates quickly.

As for a pairing recommendation, some good friends, some great conversations, and something to drink. For me a nice Bourbon Neat would do the trick, not that it is needed. Coffee, Tea, and Water will do just fine.

On to the Binary. How about a 1 with a slight reservation. Get several. One will not be enough. While it is not as superior to most cigars as the Amazon Basin, it is uniquely enjoyable and my only disappointment is I was alone while making this Review.

While this Review is over, my Session is not. With this fine weather and how cool it is smoking, I’m certainly going to smoke this cigar till the fingers burn.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Cohiba Connecticut Review

Howdy all, long time no see.

I know I’ve not been making the reviews I want to so a brief summary of my life. I passed a kidney stone, Houston flooded, I’m on my 4th new boss since May, ok enough about me time for a cup of coffee and a Cohiba.

I normally only drink water during a Review but having had this stick a few times, I feel comfortable saying that it pairs amazing with a nice cup of coffee.

As stated in the video above, the stick is Dominican Republic made. It has a faint peppery feel but a smooth creamy flavor. Think Caramel and Toffee and you are pretty close.

Construction issues? Never. Perfect burn, ash like concrete, and as always plenty of smoke.

Strength, for me is a slight issue because it is light and edging up to medium I will likely smoke a pipe shortly afterwards but I don’t think it makes any difference. First stick or bowl of the day will always be followed with another one…. eventually.

Wrapper, is Beautiful still a accurate word? That toffee color is perfect, the texture makes your lips want more, and the smell is awesome. It even repels my Mother-in-law, BONUS.

OK, on to the Binary.

1 no reservations. One recommendation though, BUY THIS STICK. The easy draw, and excellent taste aside, as a first stick of the day with a cup of tea or coffee, there is very few better ways to get your day started.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.

Now just incase you have the urge to sit through a few Shout Outs,

Congratulations to Phil and Bill on the launch of BRTV.

Thanks to all the content providers and advertisers making BRTV happen.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to all my subscribers, without you I would have quit doing this long ago.

Midnight Drive at 2300 time.

Ok, so I started this Review just a little early, but by the time I post it or even finish the bowl, it will be midnight. Tonight I will be again useing the Savinelli KS 320 Trevi purchased through the Briar Report Magazine link. that takes you to The Pipe Nook. just in case you want one.

Picture is a reprint but it shows off the pipe very nicely.

The 2 oz tin of Midnight Drive, I purchased from The Briar Shoppe in Houston. For their information google is your friend. Should you ever be in Houston, and need a pipe or some tobacco, I highly suggest you make some time to stop by.

Ok, on to the review.

Midnight Drive is brought to us by Cornell and Diehl.

The second picture does not do justice to the actual product. Imagine pressed bars cut again into a ribbon. Now you are close. The blend is Virginia’s, Perique, Latakia, and Turkish Flake. If you know what to look (smell) for, there is a definite presence of all 4.

Flavor will match the nose, but it is very reminiscent of some English or Baltic blends. Nothing is going to jump out and make you say, “All I can taste is….” but then again, that blank can be filled with, “a superb blend.”

The burn is cool, leaving very little room for tongue bite. As for room note, mostly I’m getting plums as is normal for a Perique blend. So why not a 4 pipe Review? Well, as you can see from the pictures, I have been smoking it all week. I could not really tell a difference of taste, my only preference was for a bigger bowl. I just never wanted the bowl to end.

If you guessed that the Binary rating is a 1, yeah, a little transparent, however a slight reservation. This is not a blend for a beginner. Packing is a little tricky, and a slow steady pace is essential while smoking. Other than those 2 minor issues, it is really hard not to fall in love with Midnight Drive.

Southern Draw 300 Hands Maduro.

First, let me say a few words about Southern Draw. Thus I shall let them speak for themselves.

Our brand was founded on the tradition of the “Southern” Ladies and Gentlemen which has been referred to as a “culture of honor” however our brand has since grown beyond the traditional South and with that growth we aspire to be part of a culture where we should avoid intentionally offending others and have a reputation for not accepting improper or divisive conduct towards others. We are a brand of inclusion. From the production of our first cigar, and the millions that have since followed, Sharon (yes, as in the Rose of Sharon) has stressed the importance of loving ALL people. Our little brand is all about the people, and we have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to share our faith, our family and our own brand of fellowship, one cigar and conversation at a time.

No matter our past or the current environment, mindset, stress level or even the mounting pressures of life, we will strive to promote the Southern Draw Cigars culture along with each of our hand crafted cigars. We also respect the rich cultures and traditions of tobacco growing and the production of premium hand made cigars by honoring the vital importance of the “Draw”, referring to that wonderful, tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited and allows the smoke to be slowly drawn into the mouth.

We offer our sincerest thanks to all that have come before us, those who have mentored us, taught us, shared industry contacts, those who have offered us patientience and supported our fledgling brand as we attempt to execute our vision. So we are one part “Southern” . one part “Draw” and 100% thankful for this opportunity.

Ok, back to the review.

What I have is 4¾ inch x 52 ring gauge.

The Blend is.

300 HANDS Maduro
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: AJ Fernandez Cigar Co.
Wrapper: Esteli, Nicaragua
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic

If you need more about the cigar, I suggest going to the Website

Also for the Connecticut lovers, check out the Rose of Sharon.

First puff is smooth and creamy. ¼inch in and notes of leather a touch of pepper with a touch of cedar on the retrohale. Not really the flavors you would expect to find in a budget priced cigar. About ⅓ in now, and the natural sweetness of the blend is starting. Not an infused sweet, just the right amount of Southern Tea to be honest. A bit over half way through and suddenly I’m catching a hint of chocolate. From past experience here is where the magic happens. The final ⅓ is chocolatey. Subtle at first, very appealing right to the final puff.

As seen here a smooth steady draw and no canoe. Yes, there is a cat and he doesn’t seem to mind my cigars or pipes.

The smoke is copious and thick but not obnoxious.

On to the Binary. Absolutely a 1. So much so I would recommend buying a bundle of 10, at 60ish dollars in Texas you will be wanting to have a few and some to share.

Water, Coffee, a nice couple of fingers worth, especially the coffee, you are in for a real treat.

Sharron, and the Southern Draw family, you have really produced an excellent product. I can’t wait to see where you take my tastebuds next.

Morning Drive in the Afternoon.

Just taking a side street today with my Savinelli Trevi 320 KS from The Pipe Nook and Morning Drive by Cornell & Diehl. No, this will not be a full review for an undisclosed reason, but, after the first puff, it will still be a fulfilling review.

I came across this little beauty for just $10 at The Briar Shoppe. If you want their information just Google it exactly as spelled. They are preparing to move a few store fronts down from their current location and really blowing stuff out. I couldn’t resist, I had to help them.

This is a wonderful smelling blend of Red and Bright Virginia’s, Burley, Turkish, Perique, and Latakia. And that is just opening up the can. Light and fluffy ribbon cut is already perfect for packing and lighting. No need to dry it out further.

It has a nice light flavor with a natural sweetness that is just right. The Burley is just strong enough to taste without being over the top. The faint plum flavor is popping in and out shows evidence of a fair amount of Perique. The hardest thing to find is the Latakia, it is more prominent in the retrohale.

The Smoke is plentiful and thick but thins out with a smoother smoking pace. This blend is smoking a little bit hotter than I prefer but not terrible. I can already tell that I will enjoy this in both a Cob and any Clay or Meerschaum, but it is really going to shine in a Briar.

Not, to make this Review short, but my day became hectic and pressed for time. So on to the Binary. If you guessed 1, you are absolutely correct. It is just so pleasant that I believe I will go play in Houston Traffic with another bowl.

Keep it lit, and as always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

Basic Humidor for the Beginner

What would you say if I told you you could have a brand new Humidor filled with decent cigars for $100? Most will say I’m out of my mind. I however can prove my statement. You CAN have a decent humidor seasoned to perfection, 25 decent sticks, and the right stuff to keep those sticks in great condition, for just under $100.

Let’s start with the Humidor.

Ok, it is not the biggest or the best humidor on the planet, but for keeping a few sticks on the desk at the office or tucked away in your house it is pretty good. Of course there is the 1 gallon Mason Jar option, just make sure it has a good seal. For this article, the $30 option is a classic example of an inexpensive way to keep your cigars in optimal condition.

So, you buy the Humidor, what next? Seasoning. It used to be a trial and error meticulous trial in futility. Not anymore. Now Boveda makes it easy.

Just drop in one of these 84% packs for about $6 and wait 2 weeks. Like magic or Voodoo perfectly seasoned. If it gets crispy you will need 2 but for a humidor of this size one should be enough. Back to that glass Mason jar, skip the seasoning stage and go straight to filling it with cigars. Ok, so far 36 bucks, still looking good for that $100 budget.

But, VR, what about sticks? Ok, I will admit your not going to fill it up with Davidoff, Cohiba, Opus X, or top shelf Padron, but a bundle of Drew Estate Factory Smokes is only $50.

That’s right $50 for 25 sticks from the same people that brought us Liga Privada, Pappy Van Winkle, and Undercrown. They are not quite as good, but for the price, they are damn good. Find them here if your local B&M doesn’t have any. also you can get the whole kit and caboodle if you want to shop the site for a bit. This is not the only place to look, this is just where I found it first.

Ok, $86 + tax but remember you will need another Boveda pack somewhere near the 69% so let’s just call it $100 total and you can have a Humidor that is ready to go with sticks that are better than the 2 dollar a stick price tag.

For the Glass Jar users, you will still need that second Boveda pack and a few cedar strips would also help.

For anyone looking for a small overflow humidorthis is a good option.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.