Green Dragon

If, you have been following this blog for a while, by now you know who The Country Squire is. Just in case this link will get you to their 50th anniversary blend. Still some BRTV SAMPLER available online. IF you want Green Dragon, you are going to have to work for it. I was 3 puffs in when I decided that.

This Review might be a little strange compared to my normal work, it’s just because I really want to keep it in stock.

We all know about Unicorn blends, those hard to near impossible to find blends you considered selling a kidney for. Get ready to meet your new favorite blend.

Green Dragon is an all Virginia non aromatic blend. Ok, does not sound to exciting, but break down all the little flavor nuances in 4 different pipes and you will be stunned. I went Savinelli Trevi KS 320, Washington bent Cob from Missouri Meerschaum, Hyperbole Falcon, and my tiny clay.

Briar: A black pepper primarily but noted a sweet that lingers especially on the Retrohale. Almost like what I consider a perfect pastrami.

Cob: Sweet brought to the front, pepper toned down, think pastrami on Pumpernickel

Meerschaum lined Falcon: Citrus notes? Maybe a touch of apple wood smoke. Pastrami and Pumpernickel notes are still present.

Clay: good, but I want a bigger bowl, a much bigger bowl.

I also think I want a Rubin on Pumpernickel with Apple wood Bacon.

Yes, I did spend all day, Yesterday, trying to get the flavors on paper. Normally, Virginia blends are not this complicated and complex.

The smoke is blue and gray edged to white. A touch on the thin side for the amount of flavor. Caution: Smoking hot does nothing, just relax and sip. Perfect for clench smoking.

Room note is light and tolerable by all but the most rabid anti-smokers. (Mother-in-law tested)

Easy to pack, ready right out of the bag, highly suggested for a beginner that is still learning how to pack a pipe. Also, it is good there, because it is not likely to kill a new smoker with Nicotine strength. Almost makes me forget that I am smoking a Non-Aromatic blend. Does not require several relights.

On to the dreaded Binary, (1) with a tiny reservation. I, personally, would like it to be stronger. Maybe a little perique or burley. And, you better make sure you order large amounts as it is an all day smoke that will have you puffing happily on several bowls a day.

When I get more, it might just become my first of the day dedicated blend.

Pairs well with Bourbon, Coffee, and Lunting.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes


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6 Rounds with Rocky

Before you jump ship, this is a cigar review. A Rocky Patel Number 6. Hopefully you’re curious enough to hang in and read this review to the bottom.

I know what you are thinking, I thought the same exact thing. Blind tasting of a bandless cigar is how I came across this hidden gem. A place I frequent was having difficulty selling it. So they removed the bands of one box, set a different price, and offered them up to anyone willing to give an honest opinion.

The leaf is a darkened Caramel color. No 3 wraps on the cap, so I knew it wasn’t Cuban.

However, I also noticed the weight, slightly heavy for a toro as listed. The wrapper, no thick veins, and a beautiful look to it. And the cold draw, perfect. Just the right amount of resistance. And a slightly nutty and almost molasses note.

Lighting up was easy but first draw was just a touch harsh. The second draw, was so different, I almost bought the whole box. Having had a Partagas series D from Cuba a few times in the past, (my 3rd favorite cuban) I knew the flavor was very close. Not an exact match, but close enough that unless you are a trained professional you might not even detect the difference.

So there I sat, happily puffing away and scribbling on the review I would leave. I finished the cigar, handed in the review, and asked confidentially what it was. When told, Rocky, I told him he was lying. So he sold me one at full price, and I have never been happier to be wrong and have to apologize.

I would like to encourage you to try the 3 blends Rocky put out last year. Aged-Limited-Rare #2, LB1, and, my pick, Number 6.

This is not the typical review, because this is not the typical Rocky.

It burns well and even, the flavors are consistent throughout. It doesn’t get spongey or soft. And for about $10 US pre tax it will fool you into believing that you are smoking one of Cubas finest cigars.

On to the Binary. Absolutely a 1 no reservations. Just make sure you purchase more than 1 if it’s your first time with the Number 6, you can thank me later. And no, I am not normally a Rocky fan unless we are talking Sylvester Stallone.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes


Second Breakfast

What goes better with coffee than breakfast? Second Breakfast. This is part 3 of a 6 part sampler for BRTV from The Country Squire. just incase you want to smoke along.

I, personally, have been very impressed with the quality and flavor of the first 2 offerings. One an Aromatic and the other was not. If you need a reference or refresh on those reviews, or please click the links provided and see also what others have to say about it. If you do that, and you are smoking along, please fill out the blend survey at the bottom of the linked pages. As pipe smokers, we are members of a very small community and every little bit helps us out.

On to the Review.

First, I can’t open the bag without my mouth watering. It smells wonderful, like walking into that one place that sold tobacco to your Grandfather or maybe Dad. And the scent just lingers needless to say my sample won’t last through the day.

And the look of it is beautiful. I’m looking at it, and Cavendish, Virginia’s and Burley is what it looks like, but it’s listed as a Vanilla Maple.

Packing the pipe, it is no where near as sticky and moist as Old Toby infact, its really ready to pack right out of the bag.

First puff, Second Breakfast is quiet nice, not trying to bludgeon you with sweetness, just a smooth Vanilla front and a soft maple finish. And the retrohale confirms my suspicion about Burley with a nice nutty note.

Most Aromatics, I would characterize as Medium in strength at the most, but I’m getting a surprising amount of a tingle on my tongue. Having a Leather and Iron tongue prevents tongue bite, but I still notice a nicotine tingle. It’s similar to a Double Ligero cigar in feel and medium to full in strength.

Quick pipe comparison, I prefer this blend in a Briar. The pepper notes (mild black pepper) come out about halfway through the bowl. Then Meerschaum and Clay. Finally Cob. You won’t need the additional sweetness from a cob and a note of interest, grab a big bowled pipe. My Clay is very small, and it was just not enough.

Second Breakfast can easily be an all day smoke. Pair it with just about any coffee, or Breakfast type juice. Bourbon is highly recommended.

On to the dreaded Binary. 1, with a slight reservation. This blend by itself is excellent. However, I find that Old Toby and Bag End had more flavor. The subtle nature of this blend is a definite plus. As for Second Breakfast, I will definitely be getting thirds.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.


BAG END by The Country Squire.

About a month ago the Middle Earth blends from The Country Squire (Scroll down to the BRTV SAMPLER) started being “tasted” and as a fan of everything J.R.R. Tolkien I had to get in on this. As you can see in the next link, alot has gone into the “Club” them a few days and this review will likely be there also).

Bag End, named after the mos famous of Hobbit Holes, is a Scottish mixture. Slightly sweet, a touch of smoke, and a nice black pepper Sting. A blend of Burley, Latakia, Turkish/Orientals, and some flue cured Virginia. The closest thing I can compare to it in food is Almond Brittle with a touch of Jalapeño cooked on a wood burning stove. Absolutely delicious, hard to define.

Strength, the Burley can Sneak up on you like Golem in a cave. This is better savored slow and steady. The Smoke is thick, white to gray, and holds well, Perfect for Smoke Rings with any passing Wizard.

I prefer it in a Cob, it brings out the natural sweetness. Briar tends to make the pepper “Sting” just a little more pronounced. The Clay and Meerschaum didn’t hurt, but, didn’t really do much for the blend either.

It pairs well with coffee on a lazy morning or a good stiff drink at the end of the day. I find it enjoyable all day, but cautiously if you have much more to do than watching paint dry. Just not the right blend for a vigorous day of action, one bowl and you will see why.

On to the dreaded Binary. ONE, who didn’t see that coming? Let’s just say that when I reach the end of the bag of Bag End, it will not be the end of Bag End. I’m already planning on getting more.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.


OLD TOBY a blend By The Country Squire.

Do you like samples? Would you enjoy a sample tasting club? Are you ok with tasty Aromatic and just as tasty straight blends? Maybe you should consider the BRTV and explore the lore of Middle Earth. if you don’t need the video to trust me, then go here.

Today, July 18, the first bag has been opened and the sample tasting has begun. We are attempting to do one sample a month starting with Old Toby and working right through to Kingsfoil in December. If you are just hearing about this now, I must apologize as I inform you that you are late.

More on the club to follow in further editions of this blog, on to the Review.

OLD TOBY. Named after Tobin Hornblower, who if legend has it correct is the Hobbit responsible for bringing Pipe Weed (Now called Tobacco) to The Shire. If you are completely confused by the reference, you haven’t read anything by J.R.R. Tolkien or watched a movie in Years.

What it is: An Aromatic blend of Virginia, Burley, and a touch of Perique with a Sugar casing. It comes out of the bag almost soggy and will need a considerable amount of drying time if you want to keep it lit. Mine has just a touch of vanilla but that might be from one of the other samples. It reminds me of Christmas baking in my Grandmother’s kitchen. In my opinion she was the best cook that ever lived so lets just say that it smells like Heaven.

The Smoke is wonderful, and even though it comes WET, there is no tongue bite. Having smoked it all day, and I’m still not tired of it, I’m already planning to get more. The Burley is just right and the Virginia smooths out the strength to just a touch past medium in strength. The Perique is very faint and adds to the sweetness in a Cob and the pepper in a Briar. I find Meerschaum is better for the flavor than a clay, but not by much.

It burns well, once you can get it lit and forms a nice powdery ash when it is done. It also takes its own sweet time though I don’t imagine that will bother you.

It pairs well with everything you might want to drink, and you can just as easily smoke a whole bowl without needing a drink.

For the Binary I give it a 1 (and another 1 for the nostalgia of being named for the Tolkien reference)

Sorry no pictures but if you need to see what comes in the sampler, here is my YABO from earlier in the day.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

Get a sampler and follow along if you can.

By the way, it is a major Birthday for The Country Squire so let them know.


Erin go Bragh is an English corruption of the phrase Éirinn go Brách in the Irish language. … The term brách is equivalent to ‘eternity’ or ‘end of time’, meaning the phrase may be translated literally as ‘Ireland until eternity’ or ‘Ireland to the end (of time)’. Thanks Wiki

Scandinavian Tobacco Group? Well they own Lane and Lane owns 1-Q and that’s the #1 selling Tobacco on the planet. The blend is Flue-cured Virginias, Toasted White Burley and Sweet Black Cavendish. Spiked with aged Irish Whiskey.

Break the seal with it right in your face. You are not going to want to miss the aroma. It’s something like Southern Comfort. You get sweetness and Whiskey right from the bag. Given the information it is just what you should expect.

The cut is very fine and easy to pack, but the overall blend is sticky. Those without my Cast Iron tongue may want a healthy amount of drying time. So let’s get to smoking.

SWEET. Ok, I knew it would be but I thought it best to warn you. Give it a little time though and it tones that down to something nice and flavorful. About 20ish puffs and the Burley finally makes an appearance. Don’t worry it gets stronger as you go. I would love to say that I can taste the whiskey, it’s just not there for me. What is, that warm mouth feeling when sipping a whiskey on a cold evening. That part is very nice.

The Burn: Slow and steady but surprisingly hot. Not excessively but definitely warm.

Strength: Medium edging into full,

Smoke: Thin and dissipates quickly. Mostly gray and white.

Room note is excellent. Not overbearing but not so lax as to be unnoticeable.

Personal Preferences: Later in the evening with a nice cocktail (Old Fashioned – straight up) and a book. First thing in the morning with Coffee or Tea. It’s just too relaxing for a mid day smoke unless you have nothing to do but fish.

On to the Binary. (1) Big shocker there.

I won this from Martin on his live Friday night show. I will definitely purchase more at some point.

While we are doing Shout Outs, I have 2 more first is Phil. His channel has no content but his tirelessly working for the whole community is why you should follow him.

And one of my Favorite Canadians who will actually make it possibly more than worth your time to subscribe to Phil, Mike http://Check out Michael J. Glukler (@briarblues): but his video below is what you really want.

A time for some Change

This is not hope and change, this is not sweeping social reform, this is the Comoys Cask 7 Coins Review. Oh, yeah, and a little tiny change to the reviews.

The slight change – I am useing these coins to describe the size of the bowl. So if from now on you read a pipe described as a “2 coin Cob” or a “3 coin Briar” just know, that is what I can comfortably fit in a bowl. Your own preferences will likely vary.

On with the show.

My pipes,

Savinelli Trevi KS 320 – 3 coin Briar. Most of us have one or have at least held one. It makes for a very convenient baseline as well as a very consistent smoke.

Missouri Meerschaum (Washington Bent?) – 2 coin Cob. If you don’t have a Cob, you are missing out. Everyone has a Cob and I find it brings out the sweetness of a blend.

Falcon Hyperbole Meerschaum lined. 2 coin Meerschaum. I call it a 2 coin Meerschaum because that is what the bowl is. I have also tested it against my 100% guaranteed Meerschaum pipe and could find no difference in taste. Only the size of the bowl.

¾coin Clay. This is the reason I switched to the Falcon. Both my Clay and my Meerschaum are ¾ coin bowls. Every once in a while I get a slight difference in taste between the clay and a Meerschaum but the size difference is now a better mix.

Sorry for the long introduction, back to the coinage.

Why coins? You might have to trust me as I finally decided to trust Phil. If you dont know Phil, or you would do well to get to know Phil. He is tapping into the world of pipes better than anyone else I have ever found.

Sorry, another Wild Tangent.

Ok, I roll my coins and then twist them into the bowl. You can rub them out or try one of the other methods, I like to roll. This particular coin collection is rather difficult to light, but once it is lit, it smokes like a champ and requires very little tamping. Don’t be surprised if you have to light it 3-5 times including the charing light.

I’m trying to cut down on the ton of pictures except for any Epic Ash Review.

First couple of puffs, the Black Cavendish shows up with a touch of sweetness something similar to an Apple or a Raisin but faint enough that I personally can’t be sure. The Burley shows second. More of a feeling of Burley than a flavor.(Don’t give up a few more puffs and the Burley taste takes front stage) Latakia is there, but for me it is well rounded and very satisfying. To be honest, if I did not know better I would swear this is a VaPer. Virginia Perique – VaPer. Cobs will bring more of the Black Cavendish forward and for this blend the Briar is not pulling more pepper than the other 3.

The burn is smooth, slow, and cool. Holding onto the bowl should be comfortable except for the Clay. Even when I think the bowl is packed too tightly the Draw is excellent. For a more pleasant experience separate the coins slightly before rolling. Edge of coin to center of next coin.

The smoke is light gray and dissipates quickly. Like wise, the ash is a mild salt and pepper and very powdery. Proving that you are going to get your money’s worth out of these coins.

Strength is medium to full leaning towards full thanks to the Burley. Tongue bite is minimal to nonexistant perfect for someone who is just getting into Burley and/or Latakia.

Best and worst- with coins, control is the best thing. Each coin weighs about the same and contains almost the same amount of each Tobacco. The worst part is time. If you are pressed for time, don’t even look at these coins. 40 minutes on a ¾ coin clay, 2+ hours on the Savinelli just be ready for something or someone to interrupt before you can finish the bowl.

There are so many great qualities of this blend and style, if I was using a points scale it is my highest rated blend. Luckily for me I use the Binary.

1 without a doubt I will get more of Comoys Cask 7Coin cut. I’m just waiting for it to go on sale so I can get a pound. In fact that is the only reservation. Price.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

Before I go, this goes out to all Americans (A) Happy Juneteenth (B) if you want some premium free stuff click on the link below and do what needs doing. I’ve never seen a Briar Report GAW that was not overboard in the prize department.

Good luck

Willy Lee A two hundred forty one review.

Ok, before someone screams racism, (Welcome to society 2020). Before anyone says, “Isn’t that a Johnny Cash song?”, and a good one at that. Welcome back to cigars with Voodoo. Some people might have guessed, I am a big fan of Crowned Heads. Las Calaveras 2014 set me on that path, with a few exceptions, I still really like their sticks. (Go Green, Go White) Today is no exception. A recent find is the Crowned Heads Juarez Willy Lee.

Yes, it is named after a Johnny Cash song, Jack Brown is the other size. Willy is a Toro, Jack is a robusto, relatively speaking. Both are very price friendly. Both sticks taste the same. But today I’m reviewing Willy Lee.

Let’s start with the facts. The wrapper is San Andreas so there will be some pepper. The binder is Ecuadorian, I tend to get hints of chocolate from Ecuadorian tobacco. The filler is Dominican and Nicaraguan. There are alot of flavors from each, but being filler most of it will only be noticeable if you retrohale. It should be medium-full Strength but I have heard some say it is Full. Last fact, I’m wasting time typing about it, I need to get to smoking it.

One puff in and it’s like a Hatch dusted Hershey’s kiss. If you have never had chillies in chocolate before your missing out.

There is a slight wood oak maybe, but if it is it’s post oak. The mouth feel is smooth with the pepper picking up on the back side. Want more wood and pepper? RETROHALE. The smoke is Thick and lingering, with the nice little breeze I can still see a good puff at 30 feet.

If you don’t know about Crowned Heads, you might not believe me, the ash is like concrete.

I could probably stand 75% of this cigar on its ash. The draw is beautiful, just the right amount of resistance.

So Voodoo, what is this bit about a two hundred forty one Review? 241- AKA 2-4-1. Surprize this is also an EPIC ASH photo shoot.

And then the big black bee changed my mind. Let’s just say the ash was truly epic but mother nature can not be denied. You try staying real still when a bee the size of a Cessna starts dive bombing you. Cheers to the Tuskegee Airmen, it had everything but the red tail.

On to the Binary.

This is a 1 priced to be an everyday smoke and flavor enough for the exceptional event. Construction of a stick that is 2 to 3 times the price. The only reservation I have is that you better buy them by the box and unlike most cigars, it wont chase my mother-in-law away.

As Always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

Donald’s Black Duck

Ok, I get it, it is not really Donald’s “Black Duck”. It is officially Cornell & Diehl’s Black Duck. My title just has a certain ring to it that makes me smile.

They (C&D) say, it is a medium to full blend of Latakia, Burleys, and unsweetened black Cavendish. It’s actually on the other side of the can.

Just look at that dark chocolate colored mass of ribbon cut goodness. If you know what you are looking for, there is my Savinelli Trevi KS 320 from The Pipe Nook.

Alright, stop right there, forget the word chalk-o-lattè you won’t taste it, and from here on in this Review it is all about fact and taste. I am using a Savinelli for a Briar, a Falcon for a Meerschaum, and one of my many cobs. (Yes, I felt obligated to explain what I’m doing just incase it has been too long since the last time). Why 3 bowls? They all can bring out different qualities and maybe, just maybe, one of the 3 is going to be the perfect choice.

“Black- My Team, My Coffee, My Pipe, My Cup, My Duck, and My Soul.”~It’s a Voodoo thing.

Ok, quite honestly I have no way to describe the blend other than to ask; When is a VaPer not a VaPer? Sure the Latakia is there, you can smell it in the tin note. Yes, the Burley is there, you can feel the tingling of your tongue. (Not tongue bite) The Cavendish is proving to smooth out the edges and brighten up the layers. You want to find more Latakia? Go with the Retrohale.

As with most C&D blends that I acquire, drying is optional. Black Duck is mildly sticky when you first open the tin. It smokes well, with a thick bright cloud that disappears fairly quickly.

The Briar brings out more of the pepper than the others, The Cob brings out a certain sweetness, and The Falcon brings out a touch more of the smokiness of the Latakia. All three media are very enjoyable with this blend.

The burn is nice and cool, the ash is a fine salt and pepper gray with very little tamping required. Except for the fact that I didn’t purchase a pound of Black Duck, it is an excellent choice for an All Day Smoke. Having just enough strength for the full strength Smokers, but not quiet enough to blow your head off if you are just a medium.

Ok, on to the Binary.

1, of course, with a slight reservation. Pay attention to the pipe you are smoking it from. It will change flavors are strength slightly though I really enjoyed all 3.

Now that you have gone this far, if you still need some Pipe content, check out BRTV, that’s Briar Report TV. YouTube has been cracking down on Tobacco and the #YTPC in general.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes


When I find myself in times of trouble
Padre Piper comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, Covid free.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom,Covid free. Covid free, Covid free. Whisper words of wisdom,Covid free.
And when the broken hearted people, Living in the world agree, There will be an answer, Covid free. For though they may be parted there is Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, Covid free, Covid free, Covid free. Yeah
There will be an answer, Covid free. And when the night is cloudy, There is still a pipe that lights for me, Smoke on until tomorrow, Covid free. I wake up to the sound of music Padre Piper comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, Covid free, Covid free, Covid free.
There will be an answer, Covid free, Covid free,Covid free, Whisper words of wisdom, Corona Free.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes