OLD TOBY a blend By The Country Squire.

Do you like samples? Would you enjoy a sample tasting club? Are you ok with tasty Aromatic and just as tasty straight blends? Maybe you should consider the BRTV and explore the lore of Middle Earth. https://youtu.be/7PaoKRZAs8I if you don’t need the video to trust me, then go here. https://www.thecountrysquireonline.com/product/brtv-middle-earth-sampler/

Today, July 18, the first bag has been opened and the sample tasting has begun. We are attempting to do one sample a month starting with Old Toby and working right through to Kingsfoil in December. If you are just hearing about this now, I must apologize as I inform you that you are late.

More on the club to follow in further editions of this blog, on to the Review.

OLD TOBY. Named after Tobin Hornblower, who if legend has it correct is the Hobbit responsible for bringing Pipe Weed (Now called Tobacco) to The Shire. If you are completely confused by the reference, you haven’t read anything by J.R.R. Tolkien or watched a movie in Years.

What it is: An Aromatic blend of Virginia, Burley, and a touch of Perique with a Sugar casing. It comes out of the bag almost soggy and will need a considerable amount of drying time if you want to keep it lit. Mine has just a touch of vanilla but that might be from one of the other samples. It reminds me of Christmas baking in my Grandmother’s kitchen. In my opinion she was the best cook that ever lived so lets just say that it smells like Heaven.

The Smoke is wonderful, and even though it comes WET, there is no tongue bite. Having smoked it all day, and I’m still not tired of it, I’m already planning to get more. The Burley is just right and the Virginia smooths out the strength to just a touch past medium in strength. The Perique is very faint and adds to the sweetness in a Cob and the pepper in a Briar. I find Meerschaum is better for the flavor than a clay, but not by much.

It burns well, once you can get it lit and forms a nice powdery ash when it is done. It also takes its own sweet time though I don’t imagine that will bother you.

It pairs well with everything you might want to drink, and you can just as easily smoke a whole bowl without needing a drink.

For the Binary I give it a 1 (and another 1 for the nostalgia of being named for the Tolkien reference)

Sorry no pictures but if you need to see what comes in the sampler, https://youtu.be/6XUL6VSclBM here is my YABO from earlier in the day.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes

Get a sampler and follow along if you can.

By the way, it is a major Birthday for The Country Squire so let them know.

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