Voodoo Review

Second Breakfast


What goes better with coffee than breakfast? Second Breakfast. This is part 3 of a 6 part sampler for BRTV from The Country Squire. https://www.thecountrysquireonline.com/product/brtv-middle-earth-sampler/ just incase you want to smoke along.

I, personally, have been very impressed with the quality and flavor of the first 2 offerings. One an Aromatic and the other was not. If you need a reference or refresh on those reviews,https://www.briarreport.org/2020/07/18/country-squires-middle-earth-series-episode-1-old-toby/ or https://www.briarreport.org/2020/08/20/country-squires-middle-earth-series-episode-2-bag-end/ please click the links provided and see also what others have to say about it. If you do that, and you are smoking along, please fill out the blend survey at the bottom of the linked pages. As pipe smokers, we are members of a very small community and every little bit helps us out.

On to the Review.

First, I can’t open the bag without my mouth watering. It smells wonderful, like walking into that one place that sold tobacco to your Grandfather or maybe Dad. And the scent just lingers needless to say my sample won’t last through the day.

And the look of it is beautiful. I’m looking at it, and Cavendish, Virginia’s and Burley is what it looks like, but it’s listed as a Vanilla Maple.

Packing the pipe, it is no where near as sticky and moist as Old Toby infact, its really ready to pack right out of the bag.

First puff, Second Breakfast is quiet nice, not trying to bludgeon you with sweetness, just a smooth Vanilla front and a soft maple finish. And the retrohale confirms my suspicion about Burley with a nice nutty note.

Most Aromatics, I would characterize as Medium in strength at the most, but I’m getting a surprising amount of a tingle on my tongue. Having a Leather and Iron tongue prevents tongue bite, but I still notice a nicotine tingle. It’s similar to a Double Ligero cigar in feel and medium to full in strength.

Quick pipe comparison, I prefer this blend in a Briar. The pepper notes (mild black pepper) come out about halfway through the bowl. Then Meerschaum and Clay. Finally Cob. You won’t need the additional sweetness from a cob and a note of interest, grab a big bowled pipe. My Clay is very small, and it was just not enough.

Second Breakfast can easily be an all day smoke. Pair it with just about any coffee, or Breakfast type juice. Bourbon is highly recommended.

On to the dreaded Binary. 1, with a slight reservation. This blend by itself is excellent. However, I find that Old Toby and Bag End had more flavor. The subtle nature of this blend is a definite plus. As for Second Breakfast, I will definitely be getting thirds.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes.