Green Dragon

If, you have been following this blog for a while, by now you know who The Country Squire is. Just in case this link will get you to their 50th anniversary blend. Still some BRTV SAMPLER available online. IF you want Green Dragon, you are going to have to work for it. I was 3 puffs in when I decided that.

This Review might be a little strange compared to my normal work, it’s just because I really want to keep it in stock.

We all know about Unicorn blends, those hard to near impossible to find blends you considered selling a kidney for. Get ready to meet your new favorite blend.

Green Dragon is an all Virginia non aromatic blend. Ok, does not sound to exciting, but break down all the little flavor nuances in 4 different pipes and you will be stunned. I went Savinelli Trevi KS 320, Washington bent Cob from Missouri Meerschaum, Hyperbole Falcon, and my tiny clay.

Briar: A black pepper primarily but noted a sweet that lingers especially on the Retrohale. Almost like what I consider a perfect pastrami.

Cob: Sweet brought to the front, pepper toned down, think pastrami on Pumpernickel

Meerschaum lined Falcon: Citrus notes? Maybe a touch of apple wood smoke. Pastrami and Pumpernickel notes are still present.

Clay: good, but I want a bigger bowl, a much bigger bowl.

I also think I want a Rubin on Pumpernickel with Apple wood Bacon.

Yes, I did spend all day, Yesterday, trying to get the flavors on paper. Normally, Virginia blends are not this complicated and complex.

The smoke is blue and gray edged to white. A touch on the thin side for the amount of flavor. Caution: Smoking hot does nothing, just relax and sip. Perfect for clench smoking.

Room note is light and tolerable by all but the most rabid anti-smokers. (Mother-in-law tested)

Easy to pack, ready right out of the bag, highly suggested for a beginner that is still learning how to pack a pipe. Also, it is good there, because it is not likely to kill a new smoker with Nicotine strength. Almost makes me forget that I am smoking a Non-Aromatic blend. Does not require several relights.

On to the dreaded Binary, (1) with a tiny reservation. I, personally, would like it to be stronger. Maybe a little perique or burley. And, you better make sure you order large amounts as it is an all day smoke that will have you puffing happily on several bowls a day.

When I get more, it might just become my first of the day dedicated blend.

Pairs well with Bourbon, Coffee, and Lunting.

As always,

Long Lives, Big Bowls, and Long Ashes


PS, join the #YTPC and me Live on Thursday at 6:30 PM EST and again on Friday at 4PM EST. And then the shows that I open for directly afterwards. We would love to see you there.

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